Electric Radiant Floor Warming and Snow Melting Systems


The Danfoss family of floor warming cables and mats have unique advantages:

  • Genuine 20-year non-prorated warranty that includes labor!
  • Several element choices to fit your specific need
  • Several Thermostat choices to fit your need
  • Easy, flexible installations
  • Durable construction
  • Eliminates EMF’s (electromagnetic fields)
  • Silent, 100% efficient, automatic and safe
  • Lower material and operating costs

LX Roll Out Mat

The Danfoss 'LX' Roll Out Mat Floor Warming system comes in a wide variety of sizes in either 110v and 220v that can be combined to fit any project. It is the easiest, most innovative system you will find.

This floor warming system has Danfoss' exclusive self-stick mesh on both sides of the mat. Roll the mat out, it stays in place and it's only 1/8" thick. Cut the mesh, flip the mat to return and you still have a tacky side down with no taping or stapling needed on either side of the mat.

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LX Cable Sets

The 'LX' Cable Sets allow you to customize your layout. You can install the element around islands, peninsulas, tubs, cabinets or toilets or in any shape you desire. Each heating element set inlcudes the floor strapping that makes installation easy. For the more intricate design, cable strapping is also available optionally in 15' and 75' coils.

Step 1 - Click Here For Cable Installation Video

TX Floor Warming Cables

The Danfoss 'TX' line of floor warming cables are utilized as thermal storage for residential, commercial or industrial applications. The TX line produces more watts per foot which, in turn, allows for less cable to be utilized at an overal lower material cost while using a more durable heating element. They can be installed in new poured, insulated concrete slabs, mud or sand beds where more mass is utilized.

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Used along with Danfoss' choice of digital 7-day fully programmable thermostats and controls, these mats and cable systems can be installed in concrete or under any type of stone or cementous surface as well as a floating floor using REFLECT for an efficient, even floor warming or primary heating system.

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